Staying true to his character, Kurt Warner, who despite having the second greatest game by a quarterback in Super Bowl history, showed grace in defeat. Coincidentally Kurt has the THREE greatest stat games by a quaterback in Super Bowl history, with 414, 362, 377 yards passing in each of the games. But it was his interview after the last minute loss that sets Warner apart from most others in a sport dominated by egos, pride, and money. Despite his greatness on the field, Warner deferred all attention to his team and its members. He continued to talk about the ride to the top that the team journeyed this year, when he had a world wide podium to build himself up. We need more men of God like Warner!

Santonio Holmes, on the other hand, was the game MVP for the winning Pittsburgh Steelers. He did have a great game statistically speaking and his tip-toed touchdown with less than a minute remaining to give the Steelers the victory will go down in history as one of the greatest Super Bowl catches! But, it was his post game interview that really put a downside to the celebration for the Steelers. He did not mention, team or teammates. He took his national spotlight and focused right on himself! He rambled on about how great he was (he only got the chance because their #1 receiver Hines Ward was a walking wounded on the field, and took most of the attention from the Cardinals defense so Holmes could get less coverage). I think he used the word “great” in one sentence about three times. I am a life long Steelers fan, but I believe that Warner came away head & shoulders above the rest in this game!