We believe that Baptism by immersion in water, is an act of obedience after making a profession of faith in Jesus Christ as Savior & Lord. It is not a condition of salvation, but a public example of being a follower of Christ, once a person has received the New Covenant Life of Christ through the Holy Spirit.

Lord’s Supper:

We believe that the Lord’s supper, or the Eucharist, is part of the the sacraments of the Christian faith. It is to be taken with an obedience in being a follower of Christ, and is symbolic in the life of the believer. It symbolizes the blood and body of Christ that was given for man on the cross.

Baby Dedication:

Baby dedication at Upatoi Baptist Church is a practice in which parents are actually the ones being dedicated. This is only a symbolic act of faith on the part of the parents to committ to raise their child/children in the ways of Christ, given in His Word. We do not believe that dedicating a??baby will ensure his/her salvation, but rather put them on the right track to later realizing that Jesus is the Way of Salvation!

This is usually done before a child reaches the age of one, but can be done for a child of any age.

Baby & Child Baptism:

Baby baptism is not a practice at Upatoi Baptist Church. See the note above about baptism. 

When a child makes the choice to follow Jesus, they have the opportunity to declare their committment to Jesus through baptism.  Children baptized at Upatoi Baptist must have an understanding of what baptism means and must be able to profess a faith in Jesus Christ through salvation.  Anyone interested in baptism must consult with the Lead Servant of Pastoral Ministry to learn more about this process.